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Aashirvaad Atta Halal Mark Controversy

 Aashirvaad Atta is a brand of wheat flour produced by ITC Limited. It is one of the most popular brands of wheat flour in India.

On social media, there was some controversy over the presence of a halal mark on some packs of Aashirvaad Atta. Some people claimed that this meant that the flour was not suitable for non-Muslims to consume.

aashirvaad atta halal mark

ITC issued a statement clarifying that the halal mark was only present on export packs of Aashirvaad Atta. These packs are sold in countries where the presence of a halal mark is mandatory.

ITC also stated that the ingredients of Aashirvaad Atta are the same for both domestic and export packs. The flour is made from wheat grown in India, and it does not contain any animal products or byproducts.

Therefore, Aashirvaad Atta is suitable for consumption by people of all faiths.

Here are some additional details about the halal mark on Aashirvaad Atta:

  • The halal mark is a symbol that is used to indicate that a product is produced in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.
  • The halal mark that appears on Aashirvaad Atta is issued by the Halal Certification Authority (HCA), a non-profit organization that is based in India.
  • The HCA's halal certification process involves a thorough review of the ingredients and production methods used to produce a product.

In conclusion, there is no need for non-Muslims to be concerned about the presence of a halal mark on Aashirvaad Atta. The flour is suitable for consumption by people of all faiths.

Who is the owner of the Aashirvaad Atta Brand?

Aashirvaad Atta brand is the subsidiary of ITC limited and Sanjiv Puri is the Chairman and Managing director of ITC limited.

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